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The New One Design

After a long long time designing and building. One Design relaunched our website last week. Take a look!

Our New Website

In case you haven't noticed or you are always looking at our website from your favorite reader we have a new website! If you are looking for our old posts you can check out our old site here. The new site was a labor of love and while not everything is perfect yet, we have a lot more in store. If you see anything that is funky, or have suggestions on future functionality, please drop us a line! Be sure to test out the new way we allow you to share posts!

There is a lot of people we need to thank for getting this site live. First and foremost we'd like to thank Bryant at The Good Lab. Bryant, expertly managed all of our varying opinions, changes and requests without a single complaint. If you are looking for some web help he comes highly recommended. The redesign of the site started with a Post Family retreat at the incredible  Camp Wadawega, you can check out some photos of that online as well.

We had a lot of other technical help getting site up thanks to 

Noah & Dan at One Design as well as the magical Mr Hiroaki Yamane for helping make last minute changes and tweaks. Finally thanks to Margot & Mairead for helping us with our english skillls.

We hope you enjoy the site and share it with your friends. As always thanks for all the love.


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Pretty excited about my real life brother's latest and greatest Shiner. The site is an insanely easy to use service that allows you to take your Instagram photos and turn them into lovely ready-to-hang art in just a few clicks.

In a world where the amount of digital photography that's taken every day is staggering the simple act of printing, framing and turn these digital artifacts in to pieces of art that you can hold in touch is pretty wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

Check it out!

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Nifty little web-based color picker!

via Brian Hanson

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Andy Luce

Our dear friend Andy Luce has a new site. It's indeed beautiful.

And now a word from our sponsors
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Black Spectacles

New site fresh out of Chicago. Essentially training videos for architects and designers online. Cad, Sketchup, 3D Studio Max and a bunch more. 

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New Sonnenzimmer Site

Sonnenzimmer has a new site. It's great. We could rant and rave about these dudes and their world class talent and good nature for hours but we hope that you already know all about that. The new site is a great way to showcase such a large breath of work in varying mediums all in one place.

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The Quiet Life

I never heard of this site. But, I really want this hat.

via Miss You Tony

And now a word from our sponsors

The Resin Man

The Resin Man prints your photo and seals it in a clear epoxy resin. I think most of us have seen the process at a local show or cafe, but have you ever tried to do it? My brother Leo started a company that does it for you, you submit your order online and they will print, mount and resin your beautiful photo eternalizing it with a sexy thin glossy layer.


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Command Shift Three

A pretty clever project by James Martin that showcases peoples desktop setup.