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Cool new typeface from Colophon!

This quirky geometric sans stuff is an interesting new trend in type design, but I like it. I'm not as into the serif version.

Check it out.

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Today, Okay Type launches it's new typeface, Harriet. It's beautiful. Go buy the font!

Jackson describes it like this: 

The Harriet Series is a rational serif family. It’s a contemporary reflection of the serifs popular in mid-20th-century American and English design. Harriet draws inspiration from both transitional faces, such as Baskerville, and modern faces, such as Century, at the same time it is unburdened by any particular historical model. The display styles give it just enough exuberance to sparkle while the diligent, sturdy text styles make it a true workhorse.

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Aurele Sack

Aurèle Sack is a globetrotting graphic designer specializing in type design and editorial design. Now living in Lausanne, Switzerland. Oh the Swiss and their beautiful design.

I just got his Brown font. Good stuff.

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