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Colophon Foundry

Check out this rad, Brighton-based foundry, ColophonIt's Nice That uses Apercu in the newest issue. I suggest you go buy the font and mag right now!!

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Kay Rosen

I'm feeling very inspired by Kay Rosen's work right now. Above installation is my favorite. Browse more of her beautiful work here.

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Ray O’Meara

Nothing like a great print portfolio full of beautifully set text blocks and pretty pictures. Give it up for the super-talented Ray O'Meara.

And now a word from our sponsors

Tuesday Type

This tuesday we celebrate the typographic styling of Mr. Bud Rodecker. Well known for his collaborations at Thirst with the amazing Rick Valicenti, Bud also performs many typographic explorations of his own including the Chicago-centric Richard Daily and Ode to Carl. Keep rocking that typographic Casba Bud! 

Type Case

via Darren