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The Free Art Machine

The Free Art Machine is a public art experiment. It exists to produce thousands of pieces of free art for distribution to the public. This is a really fantastic project that my brother Leo and partner  Max have put together and are trying to expand through Kickstarter.

"We believe art is free. Art is everywhere, and like nature, its beauty is both timeless and personal. The act of discernment and appreciation is the starting point for finding this True beauty. Our aim is to inspire these acts of awareness in everyone for their better understanding of the inherent beauty all around us."

Everytime these guys have put up a free art wall they end up getting something back from the community, it's a beautiful and wonderful idea for a project and they need your support to make it happen.

Born Under a Bad Sign by Neckface

If you are at all a fan of or even just aware of the work of Neckface, this video will make you laugh really hard. Screw it, even if you don't know Neckface you will probably laugh. This promises to be interesting if nothing else. A world renown vandal makes a kung fu movie?! How can that be bad. It's called Born Under a Bad Sign.

On a side note, did you know there is an artsy work for bathroom graffiti? It's Latrinalia. Thanks Neckface's wiki page!

Ben Wilson Paints Discarded Chewing Gum

Over the past seven years, Ben Willson has painted and estimated 10,000 pieces of chewing gum on the streets of London and elsewhere in Europe. Inspired by city living where there are oportunities to turn refuse into something completely new and interesting again, and the fact that there is nothing illegal about such an acitvity, Ben uses a blow torch to heat the gum, adds laquer then uses layers of acrylic enamel. He has become somewhat of a celebrity adding a bit of color and happiness to the grey streets of London, as told by news reports and short documentaries covering his work. You can see those at these palces: BBC & NYtimes. And a gallery of his work, here.

And now a word from our sponsors

The Chicago Street Art Show

Oh man... pulling out the big guns is Chicago Urban Artist Society putting together what seems to be the most comprehensive show of Chicago street art ever in the history of the world including Sighn, Cody Hudson, Chris Silva, Goons, The Viking, The Grocer, Nick Adam, CRO, You are Beautiful and so many more. Opening May 13th, 2011 from 6-11pm.