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The Post Family meets the Scion iQ

About a month ago we were given the invitation to fly out to sunny Manhattan Beach and and play with the new their version of the Smart Car the Scion iQ. My partner in crime and real life brother Leo was able to come on out and help put together this little video about our trip. 

Over the course of 24 hours we got to ask a bunch of really silly questions to the head of Scion, a bunch of their design & marketing team and drive their fun little new car all over the Pacific Coast. The trip was a lot of fun and learning about how a company like Scion design, develop, manufacture and launche a car was actually really interesting. The car itself was actually a lot of fun to drive. It's really tiny, but it drives like a real car but has a small foot print, tight turning radius and crazy good gas mileage.

It actually doesn't launch in the midwest until the spring, but if you are in the market for a tiny city mobile it's probably worth checking out. Honest.