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New Coop Site

The Coop is growing and we just redid the website. Checkout our new website and if you are in our fair city come check out our space!

Mural Project

Last year, we were commissioned by 37 Signals to create a mural for their new space. Right away we knew we wanted to make something out of wood, but we didn't know what. We went back and forth with several designs and ideas, but ultimately settled on the theme of "Parts of a whole". And given the location of where the piece would be hung, we knew it needed to be a long piece, to tie the two sides of the office together. 

After three solid months what was finally created was a 28' x 4' diptych made up of 560 pieces of wood, each cut, painted, sanded and finished individually. 

The wood we used was from The Rebuilding Exchange, which is a building material waste diversion center, here in Chicago.


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Dear Photograph

Really lovely and beautiful series of old snapshots against shot in their original setting. Some real gems in there.

via Naz