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Lumio is a multi-purpose modern lamp that can be used almost anywhere. Check it out on Kickstarter.


"Plugg" is a prototype DAB radio made by Skrekkøgle, investigating physical and metaphorical interaction with electronic devices." 

via Benny

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Herriott Grace

Amazing father/daughter team at Herriott Grace! Beautiful hand-crafted home goods, styled and shot perfectly.

Check it out and pick up a spoon before they sell out!

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I can't believe I forgot to post this when it came out. Our buddy Jamie made this recently and even though I don't own an RV.. I want one.

Last year I met a fellow RV’er at Starved Rock State Park Campground in Illinois. He proudly showed me his “brag board”—a United States sticker map that traced where they’ve been so far in their travels. Each state he’d been to had a gem of a story.

I wanted a brag board too, but I wanted a design that would fit the style of our 19' Airstream Flying Cloud. Unfortunately, there aren’t any out there like that.

That’s why I made the Airstates United States Checklist. It matches perfectly with your Airstream trailer—almost looking like it came that way straight from the factory.

Philippe Malouin

Philippe Malouin's work is both wonderfully experiential and completely functional. And don't forget beautiful. Objects you can use and enjoy using.

Check it.