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In the process of cleaning out my bookmarks I came across this old series that I've alwways loved. Take a look at Jon Huck's lovely series of people and their breakfast.

Before and After Shots of Joggers

Isn't this series by Sacha Goldberger fantastic? Before and after shots of joggers pulled of the street from Central Park and then asked them to do the same in a professional studio one week later.

Here is a great link to see all the photos together.

via the inspiring Mike Matas

Tony Francesconi on 50 Portraits of Working Artists

For once the camera gets flipped and focused on our main homie Tony Francesconi instead of him looking through the lense back at all of us. See some really nice portraits of Tony that Ian D. Merritt took as part of his 50 portraits of working artists project which completely capture the personality of our loving and humble shreader. 

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