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Photo Booth in 3D

I want this.

Japanese company Omote 3D has created the world’s first 3D-printing photo booth, which allows users to create miniature figurines of themselves …

via 123inspiration

Things Organized Neatly

Late to the party. But, damn... I could look at this all day.

Permanent Record

The talented Tony Francesconi just put together a book (with a foreward by our very own Chad Kouri) chronicling his life long obsession with found etchings in concrete. Check out the site and then go buy a book!

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Chicago The Beautiful


Some good Chicago themed gifts on this site.

Photos by Julia Stotz

A Big Pizza Pie

Investigation of worn-out fryingpans by Christopher Jonassen.

via Public School

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Limited Edition 2012 Poster Calendar

I'm really digging this new calendar collaboration between Debbie and Dante Carlos with art contributions by Davin Youngs (Chicago), Jinjoo Hwang (Los Angeles), Jonás Romo (Mexico) and Jacinta Moore (Australia). 

Grab one here!

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Before and After Shots of Joggers

Isn't this series by Sacha Goldberger fantastic? Before and after shots of joggers pulled of the street from Central Park and then asked them to do the same in a professional studio one week later.

Here is a great link to see all the photos together.

via the inspiring Mike Matas

The Resin Man

The Resin Man prints your photo and seals it in a clear epoxy resin. I think most of us have seen the process at a local show or cafe, but have you ever tried to do it? My brother Leo started a company that does it for you, you submit your order online and they will print, mount and resin your beautiful photo eternalizing it with a sexy thin glossy layer.