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Mark Warren Jacques

A week away from the closing of his solo show at White Walls (closing Jan 7th, 2012), we speak with Mark Warren Jacques about skateboarding, art, optimism, skateboarding... and skateboarding.

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‘Tis The Spring

Our amazingly talented buddy Andy Luce's friend Scott Visk wanted to shoot a painting from start to finish, from raw canvas to completed piece. The result was 'Tis the Spring.

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Tom Torluemke at Linda Warren

I'm out of town so if someone could go to my buddy Tom Torluemke's show tonight (Friday April 27th, 2012 from 6-9p) at Linda Warren in Chicago and give him a hug for me that would be wicked. Thanks. 



Andy Rementer

Andy Rementer makes paintings that make me happy. Check out some new works and a quick interview at It's Nice That.

And if you live in Europe somewhere, go to The Hague to see his show.

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Timothy Powers Wilson

I stumbled across the wonderfully lush & disturbing work of Maine-based painter Timothy Powers Wilson while in San Francisco over the weekend. Enjoy.

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Allison Schulnik

Some frighteningly beautiful claymation and painting by Allison Schulnik.

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Tristram Lansdowne

Really digging Tristram's work. A nice mixture of made up environments and real life structures.

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Solastalgia - Jenny Kendler @ Johalla

Anytime Jenny Kendler has new work you should not miss a chance to see it. 

SOLASTALGIA @ Johalla Projects
Gallery Hours : July 4th-6th : 12pm - 5pm
1561 North Milwaukee Avenue
Chicago, Illinois, 60622

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Up There

For all the lovers of hand-painted signage (and Stella) out there: behold one beautiful documentary.

I’m inspired … and thirsty.