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Subscribe-to-Buy Art on Uprise Art

Check out Uprise Art – A great platform for subscribe-to-own Art in the New York area. And they are offering some Chad Kouri originals, framed and ready to go on your wall! Basically pay $50 a month for art of your choice in your home and your subscription payment is put toward the selling price of that artwork. A great way to start or grow a collection over time. Live with Art, people!


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House Party

I totally adore this concept.

In The House Party, Ohanesian continues his exploration of architecture and place, faithfully creating a spatially accurate, quintessentially American suburban home, which he displaces from its native suburban landscape by reconstructing it within the walls of the Boiler, a repurposed urban-industrial space currently functioning as a contemporary art gallery. The House is then opened up to the public for a house party on the opening night of the exhibition. In this at once creative and destructive act, the artist enlists the audience to provide the final element of the work itself, giving each viewer the unique opportunity to physically leave his or her own scar on the House, by partying within it throughout the evening.


I was luck enough to meet Chris and Kirk Bray at Build Conference. It would be harder to meet nice folks and they make some beautiful things out of leather at Billykirk.

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Bill Cunningham New York

This movie is wonderful. You should go see it. It's on iTunes.

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