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Kick-start PLENTY

I just launched my new project on Kickstarter. If you share my feelings about developing local food systems, using crowdfunding to shape communities, or, even better, you live in West Town, Chicago and you want a grocery store at 2036 W Division St. then I hope you will back this project.

Plenty is a neighborhood tailored, locally focused grocery and deli. Catering to health conscious residents and those with underrepresented diets; and supporting regional farmers, urban food projects and small batch producers.

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Strand + Rebuilding Exchange

Our lovely friends Strand Design has partnered up with RX Made a program out of one of our favorite Chicago places the Rebuilding Exchange. RX Made is a job training program that reclaims building desconstruction and a vast array of materials that are just planned to be thrown and turns the salvaged materials into beautiful locally made work. Strand has designed a fantastic line of benches, clocks, shelving and more they designed just for this project.

They are kickstarting this project and need your help. So you should go on and give'm your support.

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The Free Art Machine

The Free Art Machine is a public art experiment. It exists to produce thousands of pieces of free art for distribution to the public. This is a really fantastic project that my brother Leo and partner  Max have put together and are trying to expand through Kickstarter.

"We believe art is free. Art is everywhere, and like nature, its beauty is both timeless and personal. The act of discernment and appreciation is the starting point for finding this True beauty. Our aim is to inspire these acts of awareness in everyone for their better understanding of the inherent beauty all around us."

Everytime these guys have put up a free art wall they end up getting something back from the community, it's a beautiful and wonderful idea for a project and they need your support to make it happen.

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Support Mormon Movie

Family friend Xan Aranda is teaming up with documentary powerhouse Kartemquin Films to produce Mormon Movie, a look into the Mormon faith through film and family.

Trusty old Kickstarter is the weapon of choice to get the project off the ground. Check out the first-look preview and lend your support by September 28!

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Sole Survivor

A really interesting premise for a documentary. "A first glimpse into the lives of sole survivors of commercial plane crashes as they struggle to understand their perplexing fate." They need your help kickstarting the film!


I'm excited, the movie BOY is being released in the United States. Check out the Kickstarter project.

Director Taika Waititi wrote:
"I made the film in New Zealand where it to become the biggest hit in history. We won tons of crazy awards at the Sydney, Melbourne and AFI Film Festivals. I took it to New Mexico with Sundance and showed it there just for fun. Most importantly to me, it made people happy.
But you Americans haven’t had a chance yet to see it and I just know you’ll love it - and you could use a bit of cheering up, especially since the world is supposed to end this year."

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American Ritual

Check out our buddies Martine Syms & David Elliott's new project called American Ritual which plans to document what television means to us within the context of american culture.

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Herb & Dorothy 50x50

If you haven't seen the first Herb & Dorothy movie, stop what you are doing and watch it RIGHT NOW! Herb & Dorothy 50x50 is a follow up documentary about the couple donating 50 pieces of art to 50 different museums. That is 2500 pieces of art! This is going to be a must see. Head over to their kickstarter and help them make it happen. 

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Linotype: The Film

“Linotype: The Film” is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler’s amazing Linotype typecasting machine and the people who own and love these machines today." It's also a kickstarter project.

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