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5 x 7 + Chicago

I'm excited to say the 5 x 7 + Chicago series is finished! Our first in many collaborative series to come. 

For this first series we decided to stay close to home. We chose 3 studios/people representing various mediums in Chicago to develop unique concepts for our format (32 pages, 2 colors, 5x7 inches). We even reformatted to bring the last concept to life! 

Our first book with Debbie Carlos was a wonderful extension of her unique process of wandering and shooting. We selected a small group of photos from her year-long journey to develop a spontaneous narrative for Note Well.

Our second book with duo, Sonnenzimmer, demonstrated the seamless, improvised, mark-making process between Nick and Nadine. The two went back and forth, mark for mark, in A Painting in 31 Marks.

Our Final book with Ina Weise was challenging and exciting. Our standard format did not work with her giant mountain drawings. So, we decided to have the 5x7 book fold out to 7x20 in From Here to Here

All books are now available for purchase at


Thanks to Brian Guido for the amazing photos!



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5 x 7 + Chicago Package Deal

Now you can buy all 3 books from the 5 x 7 + Chicago series for $25! That's a $7 savings! And that's amazing!

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Chad Kouri and Ina Weise are doing a one of a kind wallpaper installation at the Wow-house show at Johalla Projects

Check it out this Friday, March 2, 2012 from 7-10 pm

Wow-house is a group show featuring visual artists reinterpreting their esthetic through object-based mediums such as furniture and the decorative arts.  The pieces are coming down off the wall and entering the physical space for interaction and function. Anchored by the unique furniture design of Eric Johnson (Thistle Objects), this show promises to reinvent the notion of the household vernacular and showcase the selected artists within a context that they are exploring for the first time at Johalla Projects. This is not a genre or a movement. This is Wow-house.