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Kick-start PLENTY

I just launched my new project on Kickstarter. If you share my feelings about developing local food systems, using crowdfunding to shape communities, or, even better, you live in West Town, Chicago and you want a grocery store at 2036 W Division St. then I hope you will back this project.

Plenty is a neighborhood tailored, locally focused grocery and deli. Catering to health conscious residents and those with underrepresented diets; and supporting regional farmers, urban food projects and small batch producers.

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In the process of cleaning out my bookmarks I came across this old series that I've alwways loved. Take a look at Jon Huck's lovely series of people and their breakfast.

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Dose Market

If you are in Chicago and it's June 5, you should probably head over to the River East Art Center and check out Dose Market, a year-round, monthly European-style food and fashion market curated by some pretty amazing Chicagoans.

The first market will feature all sorts of note-worthy Chicago vendors including Seedling, Chicago Honey Co-op, Crumb, Crop to Cup, Suitor, X-marx, Gentleman’s Boombox and plenty more. If you aren't going to be around, don't panic... It's going to be a monthly event, but this first market should be a fun one. Click below for some more information on the event. Read More