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Crossing the Atlantic

Producer Anna Bressanin and cameraman Ilya Shnitser of the BBC News swung by the studio a few weeks ago to find out what makes the Post Family tick.

They’ve produced a great little documentary telling our story, which posted to the BBC News Magazine website today. 

Cheers guys!


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Chi Raq

The fucked up truth by Will Robson-Scott.

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American Ritual

Check out our buddies Martine Syms & David Elliott's new project called American Ritual which plans to document what television means to us within the context of american culture.

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So Undead

So Undead was an exhibition in Berlin about the similarities between hard core/punk/metal and electronic music not only in composition but socially and aesthetically. Furthermore I here some buzz about a potential documentary. I'm always excited to see cross-genre examination in music and art and this project is no exception.   

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Herb & Dorothy 50x50

If you haven't seen the first Herb & Dorothy movie, stop what you are doing and watch it RIGHT NOW! Herb & Dorothy 50x50 is a follow up documentary about the couple donating 50 pieces of art to 50 different museums. That is 2500 pieces of art! This is going to be a must see. Head over to their kickstarter and help them make it happen. 

The Visual Language of Herbert Matter

I highly recommend checking out the Visual Language of Herbert Matter, a new documentary by Reto Caduff. I had the privilege of attending a screening last night in Chicgao and left the auditorium completely inspired.

Scout out dates and locations for future screenings here.

Up There

For all the lovers of hand-painted signage (and Stella) out there: behold one beautiful documentary.

I’m inspired … and thirsty.

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