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Nifty little web-based color picker!

via Brian Hanson

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Color + Mirror

Check out these beautiful, circular mirrors made by new Detroit start-up, Color + Mirror. 

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The Power of Colour

A nice little 3 part feature on color from Canada's CBCradio. Give it a listen

And now a word from our sponsors

¡Oh! ¡Un Zig-Zag


Published by Paga Extra, ¡Oh! ¡Un Zig-Zag is a new publication by Antonio Ladrillo. Twelve double page illustrations talking about the color and the shape. Basic color and simple geometrical shapes turned into characters that reflect through a simple text about their condition. 'We are lines!', 'We are curves!'

Rand Renfrow

Rand Renfrow updated his site recently with some really spectacular illustration work. And his color sense is super on point. It's been really nice watching this dude grow over the past few years. Pay attention! I'm sure more rad work is to come from this young hustler.