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Comfort Station

This March, the Post Family will leave the confines of their studio behind to call Logan Square’s Comfort Station home. Looking to the legacy of a “comfort station” as a public place of gathering—an architectural hub within a community that’s free and open to all—they believe this to be the perfect venue to bring their ideals to life.

Rather than mount a physical exhibition, the Post Family is curating a month of programming—a series of workshops, collaborations, performances, discussions and screenings designed to engage and unite the diverse Logan Square community. They will facilitate dialogue between residents old and new: families, professionals, artists, patrons, business owners and beyond. In addition to their own events, they will be partnering with a variety of “Family friends” – including Third Coast Audio Festival, Logan Square International Film Series (Comfort Films), and others – to diversify programming and enrich the level of dialogue throughout the month. Visitors will collaborate, debate, share meals, create artwork, and above all else, engage.

It's been a while, so we really look forward to this series of wonderful events with some of the most talented folks we know in Chicago. To see all of the events check out:

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Typeforce 3

Be sure to drop by Typeforce tonight. Guaranteed radness.

At Co-Pros

3219 S Morgan St in Bridgeport


Subscribe-to-Buy Art on Uprise Art

Check out Uprise Art – A great platform for subscribe-to-own Art in the New York area. And they are offering some Chad Kouri originals, framed and ready to go on your wall! Basically pay $50 a month for art of your choice in your home and your subscription payment is put toward the selling price of that artwork. A great way to start or grow a collection over time. Live with Art, people!

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Big Big City: Chicago Pop Up Market

Art & culture blog, BIG THINGS, invites you to a pop-up art market on Tuesday, February 7th from 5-9pm at Public Works Gallery in Wicker Park! 

Come support our favorite Chicago artists and designers showcasing their jewelry, printed matter, photographs, vintage clothing and art objects. Including work by the talented fellows at The Post Family; artist and maker, Debbie Carlos; hand-selected goods from the BIG THINGS SHOP; and 10+ vendors! Join us for drinks and snacks as we raffle off prizes from Revolution Brewing Co. and our vendors to benefit 826Chi, our neighborhood non-profit writing and tutoring center.

This event is the first installation of BIG BIG CITY, a yearlong series of events celebrating and connecting the vibrant arts communities of the USA.

Check out the event page for more info.

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A Holiday Shopping Guide 2011

Time for the holiday gear-up dudes! It's that time of year again and we got your master list for gifts this holiday season. Check out the slide show for some new Post Family products as well as other faves from local and long distance neighbors.

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Pretty excited about my real life brother's latest and greatest Shiner. The site is an insanely easy to use service that allows you to take your Instagram photos and turn them into lovely ready-to-hang art in just a few clicks.

In a world where the amount of digital photography that's taken every day is staggering the simple act of printing, framing and turn these digital artifacts in to pieces of art that you can hold in touch is pretty wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

Check it out!

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Le Container

We haven't been posting much in our blog lately. But, I've been pretty obsessed with this one.

via David

House Party

I totally adore this concept.

In The House Party, Ohanesian continues his exploration of architecture and place, faithfully creating a spatially accurate, quintessentially American suburban home, which he displaces from its native suburban landscape by reconstructing it within the walls of the Boiler, a repurposed urban-industrial space currently functioning as a contemporary art gallery. The House is then opened up to the public for a house party on the opening night of the exhibition. In this at once creative and destructive act, the artist enlists the audience to provide the final element of the work itself, giving each viewer the unique opportunity to physically leave his or her own scar on the House, by partying within it throughout the evening.

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Lumio is a multi-purpose modern lamp that can be used almost anywhere. Check it out on Kickstarter.

Aurora Robson

Pretty installations all made of plastic debris, excess packaging and junk mail by Aurora Robson.

via Jessica

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Fluffy White Clouds

"The fluffy white clouds are summoned up temporarily using a fog machine, creating a surreal experience in the middle of a room. Smilde has created his clouds inside different types of locations, ranging from corridors and hallways, to bedrooms and common spaces."

Berndnaut Smilde is making my mind explode.

via Mashable

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The Free Art Machine

The Free Art Machine is a public art experiment. It exists to produce thousands of pieces of free art for distribution to the public. This is a really fantastic project that my brother Leo and partner  Max have put together and are trying to expand through Kickstarter.

"We believe art is free. Art is everywhere, and like nature, its beauty is both timeless and personal. The act of discernment and appreciation is the starting point for finding this True beauty. Our aim is to inspire these acts of awareness in everyone for their better understanding of the inherent beauty all around us."

Everytime these guys have put up a free art wall they end up getting something back from the community, it's a beautiful and wonderful idea for a project and they need your support to make it happen.

Make Good Art

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class in Philly this year.

via Alex Hillman