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5x7 Speaks at Ampersand Gallery

5x7 will be speaking about finding creative solace while launching our new book, Two Letter Words, at Ampersand Gallery next Saturday. Drinks are provided by the super rad Ninkasi Brewing Co. See you all there!

Saturday, May 11 at 7:30pm

Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books
2916 NE Alberta Street, Suite B
Portland, OR 97211

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Two Letter Words

Two Letter Words explores the combination of abstracted geometric letterforms and the resulting words and marks they create.

• First Edition of 250
• 2 colors, primary blue and red
• 32 pages
• Saddle stitched with red staples
• Mohawk Via paper

Purchase at 5x7

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5 x 7 + Chicago

I'm excited to say the 5 x 7 + Chicago series is finished! Our first in many collaborative series to come. 

For this first series we decided to stay close to home. We chose 3 studios/people representing various mediums in Chicago to develop unique concepts for our format (32 pages, 2 colors, 5x7 inches). We even reformatted to bring the last concept to life! 

Our first book with Debbie Carlos was a wonderful extension of her unique process of wandering and shooting. We selected a small group of photos from her year-long journey to develop a spontaneous narrative for Note Well.

Our second book with duo, Sonnenzimmer, demonstrated the seamless, improvised, mark-making process between Nick and Nadine. The two went back and forth, mark for mark, in A Painting in 31 Marks.

Our Final book with Ina Weise was challenging and exciting. Our standard format did not work with her giant mountain drawings. So, we decided to have the 5x7 book fold out to 7x20 in From Here to Here

All books are now available for purchase at


Thanks to Brian Guido for the amazing photos!


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Note Well

Note Well is a new book by Debbie Carlos for 5x7.

Debbie's photos attempt to capture objects at their moments of greatest clarity: In certain light, at a certain time of day, in a certain place. The method is to wander and notice. Moments of quiet strangeness, patterns of light and shadow, minute-by-minute surprises, changes that don’t happen, something askew, something exactly in place, natural and artificial phenomena, are all sources of inspiration, and the subjects for her work.

You can buy a copy here.


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Beauties and Beasties books

Limited edition Beauties and Beasties artist books available now! 

Purchase at 5x7!

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16 views from the far shore, looking east

Check out this fresh new book from 5x7, featuring the work of Alex Lukas.

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5 x 7 + Chicago Package Deal

Now you can buy all 3 books from the 5 x 7 + Chicago series for $25! That's a $7 savings! And that's amazing!

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