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Beauties and Beasties

Inspired by the majestic palm trees, reggae rhythms, and island motifs while visiting Jamaica, Rick Valicenti created as series of automatic Picasso-esque drawings that took the form of beauties and beasts.

Thursday, December 6
One night only!

Post Family Studio
1821 W Hubbard St #202


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Beauties and Beasties

Internationally renowned designer Rick Valicenti, in collaboration with You Are Beautiful, presents a salon installation featuring his latest visual stylings at the Robert Jeffrey Hair Salon at 3436 N Halsted.

The vision of the You Are Beautiful campaign is to focus on the utmost truth that unites us as a people: each individual is intriguing, complex and beautiful. In response to the YAB mission Valicenti submits a series of Beauties and Beasties to delight and intrigue, displayed alongside a sampling of his Notes to Self.

The Beauties and Beasties series speaks in many voices: the masks speak Picasso, Jamaican, Comic, and Valicenti. Each is rendered first by hand and then digitally translated and often collaged with iPhone images taken directly from the magazines in the Robert Jeffrey Hair Salon waiting area. The mash up celebrates our unique identities, creating a cast of characters that are actually avatars we can each assume. The faces blend the lines of race, age, and even species, while maintaining a keen awareness of gender identity associations. The resulting portrait masks illustrate sheer otherworldliness and are available in editions of 3.

Beauties and Beasties will be published as two books in one slip case by 5x7, a project of the Post Family’s Alex Fuller. A coloring book version of all the illustrations will also be made available encouraging public engagement. The first 72 books will contain a hand-colored illustration by Valicenti and be available through 5x7.

Please join us for an evening of strawberries and prosecco, in celebration to this first of fall Chicago installations by Valicenti.

7:00-9:00 pm
Friday 24 August
Robert Jeffery Hair Studio
3436 N Halsted

Show runs: Friday 24 Aug - Oct 19
Opening night: Friday 24 Aug

Partner Organizations
Robert Jeffrey’s Salon
You Are Beautiful
Alex Fuller/ Post Family
Graphic Arts Studio

Tuesday Type

This tuesday we celebrate the typographic styling of Mr. Bud Rodecker. Well known for his collaborations at Thirst with the amazing Rick Valicenti, Bud also performs many typographic explorations of his own including the Chicago-centric Richard Daily and Ode to Carl. Keep rocking that typographic Casba Bud!