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Frei Spring 2012

Annie’s spring collection is incredible. 
Come have a toast to Frei Designs and see the collection in real life this Thursday, March 29th from 5-8pm at Post 27!

1819 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

Sesame Street Animation

Holy moly. This is amazing. Everyone who grew up with this is very lucky. 

This animation piece with music by Philip Glass is epic. But check out this and this as well and enjoy!


I'm excited, the movie BOY is being released in the United States. Check out the Kickstarter project.

Director Taika Waititi wrote:
"I made the film in New Zealand where it to become the biggest hit in history. We won tons of crazy awards at the Sydney, Melbourne and AFI Film Festivals. I took it to New Mexico with Sundance and showed it there just for fun. Most importantly to me, it made people happy.
But you Americans haven’t had a chance yet to see it and I just know you’ll love it - and you could use a bit of cheering up, especially since the world is supposed to end this year."

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Offscreen is a new collectible magazine about the human side of interfaces.

Interviews, websites, apps, digital products, freelancers, designers, developers... something for the brothers.

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Chad Kouri and Ina Weise are doing a one of a kind wallpaper installation at the Wow-house show at Johalla Projects

Check it out this Friday, March 2, 2012 from 7-10 pm

Wow-house is a group show featuring visual artists reinterpreting their esthetic through object-based mediums such as furniture and the decorative arts.  The pieces are coming down off the wall and entering the physical space for interaction and function. Anchored by the unique furniture design of Eric Johnson (Thistle Objects), this show promises to reinvent the notion of the household vernacular and showcase the selected artists within a context that they are exploring for the first time at Johalla Projects. This is not a genre or a movement. This is Wow-house.


The new video by Sirocco Research Labs.
Make sure to watch it today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and all day every day to catch all the details of this beautiful production.

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Millenium Magazines

Check out the Millenium Magazines exhibiton at the MoMA Library. It's up until May 14th. Family field trip, please!

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KIN: someone or something of the same or similar kind.

Our kin is a web of social relationships - our clan, our tribe, our people. As we have evolved through time, the desire for family becomes centered less on the nexus of blood relations, and has shifted to shared cultural interests as a base for social identity. KIN is an exhibition of photographic work depicting groups of kindred souls, whose basis of kinship seeks to broaden the very definition of the word. Focusing largely on youth culture, KIN explores some of the ties that bind us: family, neighborhood, sport and music. Featuring artists Andreas Laszlo Konrath, Brian Sorg, Christopher Semel, Gary Briechle, Jeffrey Wolin, Leasha Overturf and Paul Elledge. Curated by Jason Robinette.

Opening Reception at the Highland Park Art Center: Friday, March 2nd from 6:30 - 9:00pm