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Comfort Station

This March, the Post Family will leave the confines of their studio behind to call Logan Square’s Comfort Station home. Looking to the legacy of a “comfort station” as a public place of gathering—an architectural hub within a community that’s free and open to all—they believe this to be the perfect venue to bring their ideals to life.

Rather than mount a physical exhibition, the Post Family is curating a month of programming—a series of workshops, collaborations, performances, discussions and screenings designed to engage and unite the diverse Logan Square community. They will facilitate dialogue between residents old and new: families, professionals, artists, patrons, business owners and beyond. In addition to their own events, they will be partnering with a variety of “Family friends” – including Third Coast Audio Festival, Logan Square International Film Series (Comfort Films), and others – to diversify programming and enrich the level of dialogue throughout the month. Visitors will collaborate, debate, share meals, create artwork, and above all else, engage.

It's been a while, so we really look forward to this series of wonderful events with some of the most talented folks we know in Chicago. To see all of the events check out:

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Eli Keszler / Reading Lampo

For this very special evening Lampo and The Post Family happily welcome Eli Keszler, as he performs solo percussion and creates a gallery installation that becomes part of the performance. Come early and stay late to view "Reading Lampo," an exhibition of Lampo design, posters past and other selections from our 15-year archive of printed matter. See event listing for more detail.

FREE. Please RSVP.

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Debbie Carlos Quality Time

The Post Family is excited to bring you Quality Time, an exhibition of photography by Debbie Carlos along with the screening of a short documentary on Debbie's work and process by Gus Gavino of Middle Mind Projects. This event coincides with the Hubbard Street Studios Open House on Friday, October 25th, 2013 from 6-10pm.

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Printers Ball 2013 - Trip & Return

This Saturday (July 27th, 2013 12-6pm), Spudnik Press brings the Printers Ball to our very own Hubbard Street Lofts building, inviting some new faces into the mix while collaborating with existing residents including Simple Honest Work, Johalla Projects and more. We are very excited to be a part of this celebration of printed matter by hosting a Risograph demo and exhibition by SPARE, as well as serving on the programing comity and curatorial board for the event. Other collaborators and presentors include Hamilton Wood Type Museum, Don Kilpatrick and Detroit Wood Type Company, Tony Fitzpatrick, Read Write Library, Alex Valentine, Brad VetterElastic Arts and many more. Come see some print demos, music performances, readings, and discussions all while meeting some brilliant print-makers-and-enthusiasts form the Midwest and beyond. 

Click here for a schedule and to plan your visit.

Printers Ball 2013 - Trip & Return

Saturday, July 27th, 12-6pm
at Hubbard Street Lofts

1821 W Hubbard St.

Chicago, IL 60622

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Highs & Lows

I'm incredibly stoked to finally be able to share my new iOS app, Highs & Lows! For the past year Jessa Brinkmeyer and I have been working on a journal concept that is simple and fun to use! Check it out!

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5x7 Speaks at Ampersand Gallery

5x7 will be speaking about finding creative solace while launching our new book, Two Letter Words, at Ampersand Gallery next Saturday. Drinks are provided by the super rad Ninkasi Brewing Co. See you all there!

Saturday, May 11 at 7:30pm

Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books
2916 NE Alberta Street, Suite B
Portland, OR 97211


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Pretty excited about my real life brother's latest and greatest Shiner. The site is an insanely easy to use service that allows you to take your Instagram photos and turn them into lovely ready-to-hang art in just a few clicks.

In a world where the amount of digital photography that's taken every day is staggering the simple act of printing, framing and turn these digital artifacts in to pieces of art that you can hold in touch is pretty wonderful. Hope you enjoy.

Check it out!

Codex Seraphinianus

"Codex Seraphinianus, originally published in 1981, is an illustrated encyclopedia of an imaginary world, created by the Italian artist, architect and industrial designer Luigi Serafini during thirty months, from 1976 to 1978.The book is approximately 360 pages long (depending on edition), and written in a strange, generally unintelligible alphabet."


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A daily affirmation.

And now a word from our sponsors


Vista Sans Wood Type Project just released a new experimental Letterpress printing book and I must say, it is quite beautiful (just to clarify, this book is not letterpressed, rather it is on the topic of letterpress printing). Touch is a limited edition, hand bound document capturing the process and final product of 20 different printermakers' using a wood type version of Vista Sans (specifically cut for this project). This is a round up of some of the most notable letterpress printers in the US including Matter's Rick Griffith, Studio On Fire, Nick Sherman, David Shields (caretaker of the Rob Roy Kelly American Wood Type Collection) and more. Although all projects included are letterpress, the printing processes in this book show a wide range of experimentation including not only people combining the new type with older sets and custom made plates, but also cutting wood type in smaller pieces, printing end grains and more. Pick it up while you still can! Or grab it at the Typecon bookstore this weekend (Aug 21-25, 2013). 

Chi Raq

The fucked up truth by Will Robson-Scott.

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Le Container

We haven't been posting much in our blog lately. But, I've been pretty obsessed with this one.

via David

And now a word from our sponsors
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Pieter Vermeersch

The joys of subtlety. Virtually explore more meditative spaces created by Brussels-based artist, Pieter Vermeersch. And then find one in person.


Beautiful little film by our friends at MMP. Starring another super talented friend, Debbie Carlos. It also includes a beautiful score by yet another rad friend, Jeremiah Chiu. Friendship!

"Debbie Carlos was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Manila, Philippines.

'Her photos attempt to capture objects at their moments of greatest clarity: In certain light, at a certain time of day, in a certain place. The method is to wander and notice. Moments of quiet strangeness, patterns of light and shadow, minute-by-minute surprises, changes that don’t happen, something askew, something exactly in place, natural and artificial phenomena, are all sources of inspiration, and the subjects for her work.'

Unlike any of the documentaries in the profile series, this film's narrative is constructed with re-captured moments of Debbie Carlos' photography. With an originally produced score and no narration, the film is a complete visceral experience into Debbie's world and her photography."

Original music score by: Jeremiah Chiu


Debbie Carlos