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Sam Rosen

Sam Rosen was four and he insisted on his own personal computer. After taking delivery of a nicely used Mac Plus, Sam began creating. One of his most notable creation was a self styled beat poetry book entitled Pure Truth. Very deep. The book featured poetry and an innovative Bauhaus matrix of type and drawings. Although self published Sam presented his first book to one of Chicago's best-known book stores. They took it under the condition that they would conduct a book signing. He did, afterwards about 20 copies were sold. He was seven.


Sam has earned his stripes as a serial entrepreneur, founded multiple innovative companies, principally One Design Company.  Sam's latest venture Desktime is the premier way to find shared workspaces in Chicago. Sam also founded The Coop one of Chicago's first and premier coworking spaces

Grey Stabilo is his favorite writing utensil.

The Publican is his favorite local eatery.

Harlem Shake is his favorite dance move.

Dark Side of The Moon is his favorite album.

Other family members include Alex, Chad, Davey, David, Rod, Sam, Scott.