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Davey Sommers

Davey Sommers occupies his mind and time as a member of The Post Family, an Editor for COLOURlovers, and a Community Manager for Chriply. Currently on hiatus in Prague (he misses mexican food, terribly), Davey is traveling the Eastern Bloc as the Ambassador-at-large for all the countries that don't yet exist. When he's not negotiating drink orders or interpreting nutritional information, he's hyping democracy, a free-market economy, the collection & sale of personal data, and waiting to cash in when it all goes to hell, again. He often wonders that in an infinite loop of discovery = new questions, whether or not it makes any difference what color socks you wear. 

Bic Round Stic Med/Moy USA is his favorite writing utensil.

Uncle Mike's Place (Chi) | Sudička (Praha) is his favorite local eatery.

toss-up b/w jit & juke is his favorite dance move.

A Monstrous Psychedelic Bubble Exloding In Your Mind Vol.1 - Cosmic Space Music is his favorite album.

Other family members include Alex, Chad, Davey, David, Rod, Sam, Scott.