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Chad Kouri

In my nearly 10 years inhabiting Chicago, I've become vastly inspired by the city and it's creative communities and art ecology. With equal interests in conceptual art, consumer culture, typography, design, jazz and the gray areas between these fields, my body of work is more a collection of various ongoing projects, thoughts and experiments tied together by a strong sense of composition, concise documentation and an overall vibe of optimism than a seamless display of a "style" or "genre". The current trends in industry buzzwords describe me as a Cultural Engineer. I believe that inspiration can be found anywhere, unwavering optimism is the only rule and that Chicago is the greatest city in the world. I'm best known for being a co-founder of the Chicago-based art and design incubator, The Post Family, my past role as Art Director of Proximity Magazine and recognition as one of Chicago's up-and-coming images makers in NewCity's 2010 Breakout Artists of the year issue.

Photo by Tony Francesconi

Pigma Graphic 1 is his favorite writing utensil.

Farmer's Pride Cafe is his favorite local eatery.

Top Rock is his favorite dance move.

Roll Down by Jason Adasiewicz is his favorite album.

Other family members include Alex, Chad, Davey, David, Rod, Sam, Scott.