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Holiday Guide 2012

Here we are, a 2012 Holiday Shopping Guide! We know that we're not alone when it comes to the difficulty in finding a gift for friends and family. Especially the design-savvy ones. Our mostly straight-from-the-creator holiday guide hopes to bring joy to both talented-creator and gift-receiver alike.

1. Custom Hand Painted Signs
Chicago expat Gentleman Scholar Signs is throwing us a heck of a deal, offering custom hand-painted 8"x10" signs on a wood board for your loved ones. Choose from six different background colors with a 25 character max. Commission an artist for gifts and spread some holiday cheer both ways this season.

2. ODLCO Trivet Runner
Local Chicago small-batch design brand ODLCO (Object Design League Company) has put out a hot new collectable. "The Trivet Runner might start out as a hot pad on your table, but it will quickly make its way to other parts of your house. The small one sits by the computer as a pen, doo-dad and coffee cup rest. Another lives on the stovetop as a stopping point for cooking utensils and pots." Sexy and nearly indestructible. What a great combo. We also love their Golden Ratio Finder. Holy crap it's brilliant. 

3. Julian Sartorius Beat Diary Release
Our internet pal Lukasz Polowczyk has kept us in the loop with brilliant and groundbreaking music for years now. This winter, he really brought the heat, cluing us in on Julian Sartorius' Beat Diary release–One beat every day, for a year. No sequencers, beat pads or bloopy machines. All analog overdubs, all the time. The boxset includes 12 full-length LPs including 365 beats, a book of 365 photos (one corresponding to each beat) and a download code for hours of head bobbing delight.

4. Alex Lukas for 5x7
Alex Lukas' recent book for 5x7 entitled 16 Views From The Far Shore, Looking East explores the tension between natural and manufactured landscapes. A somewhat dystopian vision of man's degrading influence. Yet, Lukas' images are not far-fetched. We've seen these places before. By that stom run-off canal behind the supermarket. Around that abandoned manufacturing plant where bright green sprigs of grass penetrate the asphalt. This latest release from 5x7 is constant reminder of the mark we leave on this planet.

5. Art is All Over by Chad Kouri
Kouri explores letters and words more as forms and shapes before language or communication. Art is all Over also shows how the Post Family brother makes the act of viewing art participatory by frequently utilizing double entendre and idioms. Purchase this large format xerography print art at The Post Family shop.

6. Annie Larson Hat Shop
That family first learned of Annie's work when Chad used this photo in an early Post Family website mockup. Her bright colors and simple patterned knitwares look good enough to eat! And if you have an extra special someone, you could think about getting a beautiful sweater as well. 

7. You Are Beautiful Double Sticker Deal
Spread some beauty with the You Are Beautiful sticker pack. For every $20 donation you place between now and December 17th, you'll get 100 stickers sent to you, and and extra 100 stickers sent to a friend. What better surprise than 100 love notes arriving unexpectedly in the mail! *Please make sure to include both addresses in "Note To Seller," or email them to us

8. Dave Eggers Show Curtain by THE THING
If you don't know, The Thing Quarterly is a brilliant subscription-based model for writings published on objects. But you can just buy one issue, and this Dave Eggers Shower Curtain has been criusing around the internet for a hot minute. Pick it up or pick another back issues on their shop.


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