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A Holiday Shopping Guide 2011

Time for the holiday gear-up dudes! It's that time of year again and we got your master list for gifts this holiday season. Check out the slide show for some new Post Family products as well as other faves from local and long distance neighbors.

1. Best Made- Be Optimistic Card Set
We've always cyber-stalked Best Made. Their eye for beauty and simplicity of message and design trumps most. Be Optimistic is a Post Family mantra. Sure this message with others you believe in and they won't let you down. 

2. The Kartemquin Films Collection: The Early Years - Vols. 1, 2 & 3
We may be a little biased, but Kartemquin is rad as hell. We've always wanted their early years collection of files done between 1967-1970 from their webshop. And they have made it much more within budget for the gift to your nerdy doc-fan cousin with this 50% off code on any purchase in the Kartemquin web store between now and December 19th. Just punch in KTQHOLIDAY11 for the discount at checkout. Or pick up Type Face which features a younger and healthier version of us for a shocking $15!

3. Strand - Tripod Table/Stool
Strand launched a beautiful new line of furniture this year. Only the best handmade and locally sourced materials. Have a seat and read a good book.

4. Ina Wiese - New Art on Panel 
The Post Family's sister-from-another-mister Ina Weise never fails to amaze and amuse us. These new 10"x13"-ish panels are one of a kind ink drawings on panels made from salvaged wood from The Post Family Studio. And only $40! That's right, original art for hella cheap. Snag if before it's gone. 

5. Shwood x Pendleton wooden Glasses
Wooden glasses with classic Pendleton pattern. Fresh.  

6. Matthew Hoffman - Knit a Sweater...
Knit A Sweater Out Of That Last Thread Of Hope! Wrap up in this beautiful typographic stadium blanket and mellow out with some hot coco. Or hang it on the wall like us nerds would do. 

7. Alex Fuller - 45 print
Man do we love our records! This ink drawing by brother Alex explores the journey a needle takes across a record’s surface. The end result is a texture that resembles the qualities found in a beautiful, worn record with all the pops, warps and scratches. Reproduced offset. limited run of 100! If you are looking for our favorite recent record purchase, it's Nick Butcher's Free Jazz Bitmaps. No contest.

8. Chad Kouri - Inspirational Quotes Letterpress Prints
Chad's been holding on to these letterpressed beauties for some time now. Originally created at the Levi's Workshop in San Fran, this set of prints, now available for the first time online, are great to remind us all to keep hustling, be creative, and work together in the new year. 

9. Debbie Carlos - Perfect Twist
Debbie Carlos has been a family favorite for a while now. Grab this large format soft serve print to give someone a nice summer feeling in their home all year round. 

10. Adi Goodrich's House Portraits
Know someone who just got a house? Okay, not super likely. Or, you know, that relative or friend that has had a house for so long that when describing them to someone else you always bring up their house? Well, Adi Goodrich has come up with this years greatest gift idea… Get a full color gauche and pen portrait drawing of their beloved home for that weird mantel they have. And it's cheap! Email her for more info. Even if you are just a tad interested she would be stoked to hear from you. 

11. Buy Some Damn Art
Kate Singleton says it best in her email blasts each week… "Prints are great. Originals are better." Buy Some Damn Art brings a hand-picked selection of some of the best independent art directly to buyers, arriving in their mailbox every week. Each Tuesday at noon a new show launches featuring six originals for sale from most of which are right around the $200 range. Family favorites is a Tyson Anthony Roberts & Joana Chavez collaboration piece

12. Stephen Eichhorn Cat Collage Prints
We can't help but appreciate some good 'ol fashion humor in the sometimes not-so-funny atmosphere of current contemporary art. And this dose of comic relief doesn't have to just exist on your monitor. At The Donut Shop, Eichhorn's cat and plant collage prints are $20 for a set of 12 five-by-seven inch prints! Come on! It's Cats!

13. Hamilton Woodtype Museum's no. 670 Specimen Poster
The Hamilton Wood Type Museum is The Post Family's Disney World. Snag this specimen poster for the type nerd in your family. There's always one.

14. Nurishing Notes
Our long-time BFFs at Letterform have a beautiful little letterpress print reminding us to make food the 'ol fashion way with their Preserve Fruit and Family Recipes print. Not only does the advice get us salivating but the delicious typography does as well.

15. Noun Project
You can now get Noun Project tee shirts! Very exciting news. Choose from some existing designs in the store or totally customize one for that special someone. We specifically love this urban farming graphic. 

16. Uncommon iPhone Case
They supply the sweet case. You provide the art. Anything and everything you could ever want can now be on an iphone case with the help of Uncommon. Pictured above are two of our picks – Flowers by Post brother Chad Kouri and Top Type by Plural. 

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